We are on a quest to enrich the lives of everybody with functional & beautiful bespoke objects created sustainably.  



We merge Fine Art, Craft, & Design techniques to create new objects for the home & office. They have been crafted with careful intent from multiple angles: history, material, aesthetic, & quality.



We utilize any technique or technology that adds to the quality of our work. From traditional craft furniture techniques to additive manufacturing, our work is made to the highest standards we can achieve.



We believe that it is our responsibility as makers to analyze the entire life-cycle of our products. Using plastics that are biodegradable, wood that is sustainably sourced, and using every bit of material.

We are proud to introduce the beginning of our second generation of lamps.


Below you will find renders of the first of the second generation of our 3D printed lamps. They have been thoughtfully designed and made using a biodegradable & sustainable corn based material.


The Twist


The Torch

The lamps that lit the path.


Our first generation lamp collection. These table lamps are inspired by the giants that have inspired us: Artists, Craftsmen, Designers, & Architects. A collection of almost entirely 3D printed lamps, they are designed with minimal waste & sustainable materials. Each lamp features metal hardware that can be recycled & plastics that are biodegradable or recycled. Designed responsibly. 


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