This company was founded on a simple principle, make products that are beautiful, engaging, and sustainable.


Our design philosophy has set us on a quest to enrich the lives of people with functional and beautiful objects. Our objects are made with a focus on high design, craftsmanship, and a constant vigilance towards sustainability. We actively merge fine art, craft, and industrial design techniques into a new style of object making.

The furnishings we make use a combination of digital fabrication and old school craft fabrication. We take pride in our forward thinking and high quality American made furnishings.

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Cole Hastings

Cole Hastings has been making bespoke and small batch home furnishings for nearly a decade using a combination of digital fabrication and traditional crafts techniques. He grew up in Philadelphia and received his BFA in Crafts from Kutztown University specializing in Furniture Design and received his MFA at Maine College of Art.

Cody White

Accomplished business analyst with 5+ years of experience using quantitative techniques. A graduate of Kutztown University's College of Business specializing in Marketing and Management. Cody White is an essential driving force behind sales and design development.